Anglo-Celtic Music

Pastance Members Megan Cronin, Alexander Cronin, Myfanwy Budh-Raja

Megan Cronin daff, recorders, crumhorn, gemshorn, vocals; Alexander Cronin lute, fiddle, gittern, crumhorn, bagpipes; Myfanwy Budh-Raja darabukka, crumhorn, vocals, recorder

Sydney based trio Pastance brings together a diversity of musical ingredients to explore the rich heritage of traditional folk songs of Celtic and Anglo origin. From well-known songs to lesser known treasures that depict the life of common people from the past, the program takes the audience on a musical journey. Pastance shows us the extraordinary power music has to tell a story – played on the following instruments – harp, recorders, fiddle, Baroque guitar, lute, bagpipes, duff, darabukka, gemshorn and bodhran.

Since 1998 Pastance have been working with Musica Viva in Schools and the Country Wide program, touring extensively throughout NSW. They appear for the South Coast Music Society in conjunction with Musica Viva Australia.

Listen to Pastance play Dragons Breath by Alex Cronin on youtube.

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