Messiah Review


The South Coast Music Society treated us with a stunning performance of Handel’s Messiah on Sunday 1st December, 2013 at St Bernard’s Church, Batehaven. The audience, which packed the church to capacity, enjoyed the singing of some of this country’s finest voices.

Tenor Norman Meader began the performance with the beautiful “Comfort Ye” and we all knew we were in for a musical treat.

Bass Jeremy Tatchell sang with a vibrant, commanding voice displaying the contrasts between the legato phases of the slow pieces to the very difficult runs in “Why do the Nations” and “The Trumpet Shall Sound”.

Mezzo-soprano Christina Wilson sang next and we treated to the rich tonal qualities of this beautiful voice. We were taken on a journey with the presentation of each piece which was delivered with composure and poise.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, soprano Louise Page sang. Each piece executed with exquisite control and beauty displaying line, agility, breath control and spinning tone.

All singers performed with an even quality of tone throughout the range.

The Oriana Chorale was a small but vibrant group of singers who sang the chorus pieces under the wonderful direction of conductor Alan Hicks with sensitivity and enthusiasm. The voices were well balanced and the dynamic colours impressive.

Organist Peter Young supported the singers throughout, and trumpeter Alex Ross lifted the roof as he accompanied “The Trumpet shall Sound”

We all stood for the “Hallelujah” chorus and then again as we gave a standing ovation. Hopefully we can entice them back for a repeat performance.

                                                                                   Andrea Annear